Advantages and Disadvantages of

The Articles of Confederation By: Isabella Arnot


1. To coin and borrow money

2. To declare war and make peace

3. To operate post offices

4. To detail with foreign countries and sign treaties

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1. Government didn't have the power to tax

2. There was no national army or navy

3. No system of national courts

4. The national government couldn't force the states to obey its laws

5. Each state could issue its own paper money

6. Each state could put tariffs on trade between states

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In my opinion, I think the designers of the Articles of Confederation created a government with a weak central government, because of what they've seen in Britain. They had a strong central government, and the colonists hated the way they treated them, and the colonists wanted nothing to do with that. In turn, they created a government that was opposite to Britain's