21st Century Learning - Term 2 Week 8

Literacy - Numeracy

Watch...Connect...Read - A book review blog that explores Children's Literature through Book Trailers.

Maths iPad Apps - New apps have been added and the page has been "spring cleaned", despite it being winter!

Maths World - You are able to access some free Maths activities, but I discovered a trick to access additional free activities.

Book Week - New links added


Augmented Reality - New resources - Morfo Smasharoo, AR Flash Cards, Cyber Quest - Shape Quest.

Minecraft - Student Work - Discover how teachers have embedded Minecraft into their teaching.

Early Career Teachers

Other Resources

Supporting Students Experiencing Difficulty - Debbie Ross Webinar

First For LaSTs created by K Reynolds.

Under The Sea - Unit resource links

Commonwealth Games

Soccer World Cup

New Aboriginal Resources - Clip art link, on-line games with an Aboriginal theme, NSW Aboriginal Nations.

Create Texture Healthy Burgers!

Assessment - From Assessment to Programming - A guide to assist students who require additional support in Reading.

A Snapshot from "Momo Time To Read".

Read Margot's review from her blog Momo Time To Read.
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