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Valentine's Newsletter

Dark History of Valentine's Day by Noley Morring

Although Valentine’s Day is a day that people celebrate love, it has a history that isn’t so nice. The legend of Saint Valentine is still a mystery. One legend says that he was a saint in Rome. The emperor thought that single men made better soldiers than married ones, so he outlawed marriage. Saint Valentine saw the injustice of this and continued to marry couples in secret. The emperor found out about his actions and executed him on February 14, the day that we now celebrate Valentine’s Day on. Another story says that Valentine was helping Christians escape Roman prisons where they were tortured. He was imprisoned, and the jailer’s daughter often visited him. He fell in love with her, and before he was put to death, he sent her a letter, the first Valentine card, and signed it “From your Valentine.”

On February 14, 1929, seven people were murdered. This is known as the St. Valentine’s Massacre. Al Capone, a mob leader, was enemies with the Irish gangster George Moran. The seven victims were part of Moran’s mob. The gunmen were dressed as police officers and killed them in their meeting place which was a car garage. Capone plotted the crime, and was accused of many others. He died in his home in Florida in 1947.

So the history of Valentine’s Day isn’t very pleasant. People everywhere still celebrate it as a day to express love and affection, but ironically many tragic events have happened on February 14.

It's Called Fashion, Sweetie, Look It Up! by Reese Waters



-Adidas joggers

-Champion hoodies




-duck boots

-highrise skinny jeans

-bead bracelets


-neon colors

-slouchy beanies

-wide belts

-fanny pack

-fringe detail

-denim on denim



Valentine's Day Advice with Sophie Peetz and Avery Orr

How do I get my crush to notice me? First, start talking as friends in a mutual way. Make sure you be yourself. Then, subtly show you're interested (if you're both single).

What do I do if my crush has a girlfriend? The number 1 thing to do is to wait, if the relationship isn't going well chances are they will break up soon, then you can shoot your shot. But if they are happy together, don´t ruin their relationship. If you actually care about the crush and they ́re happy with the person they're with, be happy for them.

I feel like my boyfriend is losing interest in me. What do I do? Talk to him. Lack of communication can ruin a relationship quickly. If you think he's lying about losing interest in you, talk to one of his friends (helps if you are also friends with his friend).

I have a feeling my crush likes me but I'm not sure. What should I do? Ask him. People value confidence as a personality trait whenever it comes to relationships. Or, if you don't feel that confident with yourself you could subtly ask his friends or ask him if he likes anyone without mentioning yourself.

I want to break up with my boyfriend but I don't know how and everyone will be mad at me. What should I do? If you're going to break up with your boyfriend, try not to do it in front of people and try to not make a big deal about it( It can be humiliating for both of you.) Don't worry about what other people think because it's not their relationship so they have no room to judge/be mad at you.

Top 10 Valentine's Day Gifts by Anna Shirey



-Teddy Bear







-Gift Cards

Poll of Favorite Valentine's Day candy by Ella-Kate Green

Number one favorite candy is chocolate..things like Dove chocolate, chocolate covered strawberries, m&ms, Godiva chocolate...

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15 Songs to Get You in a Valentine's Day Mood by Juliana Brannon

.”Sorry” (Justin Bieber)

.”King of My Heart”(Taylor Swift)

.”Thank u, Next” (Ariana Grande)

.”Roses” (feat. Brendon Urie)

.”Love Story” (Taylor Swift)

.”Perfect” (Ed Sheeran)

.”Speechless” (Dan + Shay)

.”Love Me Now” (John Legend)

.”Should've Said No”(Taylor Swift)

.”I'm the one” (Justin Bieber)

.”New Romantics”(Taylor Swift)

.”Love Yourself” (Justin Bieber)

.”You belong with me” (Taylor Swift)

.”We are Never Getting Back Together”(Taylor Swift)

.”Forever and Always”(Taylor Swift)

Sports Recap by Anna Page

*The 7th grade boys basketball ended their season with a 10-8 record

*The 8th grade boys basketball ended their season with a 8-11 record

*The 7th grade girls basketball ended their season with a 10-2 record

*The 8th grade girls basketball ended their season with a 12-3 record

*7th grade football ended with a 7-1 record

*8th grade football ended with a 2-4 record

*7 girls on the Cullman High School swim team made it to the state meet in Auburn, AL!

*The 7th grade volleyball ended their season with a 12-1 record

*The 8th grade volleyball ended their season with a

*Cheer had a great season leading on the Cats, and Cross Country

*Upcoming sports:softball,track,baseball,tennis,golf,soccer

'What are the Teachers Getting Their Spouses for Valentine's Day?' by Anna Hill

Mrs. Schafer- rose colored glasses and a mickey mouse shirt

Coach Campbell - new fishing pole and cook her hot dogs

Mr. Milligan - chocolate, stuffed animal “not giant because it's ridiculous,” and dinner

Mrs. Mcgee - “valentine's day is all about the girl so, i'm not going to be buying anything but i do expect flowers and a dinner”

Mr. McCollum - a birthstone bracelet and a gold necklace

Mrs. Bates - candy

Mrs. Evans -dove chocolate and a gift card to get a pedicure that i will take

Mrs. Earnest-Candy

Mr. Quattlebaum-take her out to eat

Mrs. Turner-a gift card

Mrs. Patterson-take Luke Bryan “huntin and fishin”

Mrs. Richter- a box of chocolate

Mr. Duke- a card, flowers, and dinner

Mrs. Waters- hoping for a getaway, chocolate covered strawberries, and a dinner

Cons of Valentine's Day by Reese Fox



~not getting candy or chocolate

~your friends will probably have a date so you can't hang out with them

~if you have a date you have to spend a lot of money

~ship names are overrated

~the chocolate hearts taste like plastic and the candy hearts are tacky

~pink and red is a horrible color combination

~stressful, depressing, and overwhelming

~the wait takes forever if you go out to dinner

~the idea of cupid is stupid

~people focus way too much on presents

~cheesy cards

~you get fat by eating too much chocolate and candy

~you get cavities by eating too much candy and then you have to go to the dentist and get a filling

~people always show off their presents and date

~the torture of not being in a relationship

~people aren’t true about their feelings

~nobody knows why we celebrate it


February Upcoming Events by May Dawsey

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