Mariner Missions

Grace kokke

Mariner Missions

NASA Mariner missions was a group of probes that went around the planets and explored to find out more about the planets of the solar system. Mariner 1 and 2 was a Venus flyby, Mariner 3 and 4 was a Mars flyby, Mariner 5 a Venus flyby, 6 and 7 a Mars flyby, 8 and 9 orbit mars, 10 Venus and Mercury flyby, 11 and 12 budget cuts lead to Mariner 11 and 12 becoming Voyager 1 and 2.

Dates and discoveries

Mariner 1

1962.Shortly after lift off mariner 1 was experiencing difficulties with engines and was forced to crash because it veered off course.

Mariner 2

1962.Mariner 2 was successful and retuned with lots of interesting information about Venus.

Mariner 3

1964.Mariner 3 mission was to orbit Marsalis and take lots of photos and transmit to earth but shield failed when trying to brake through the atmosphere.

Mariner 4

1964-1965 Successfull 4th space craft to send images from deep space from Mars.

Mariner 5

In 1969 mission for Mariner 5 was to explore atmosphere and surface of venus to give information to NASA about Venus.

Mariner 6

1971. Mars flyby to find out more information about Mars by photos.

Mariner 7

1969. To discover more about Mars, mainly surface and atmosphere.

Mariner 8

1971, orbit Mars but failed and crashed back to earth.

Mariner 9

1971. Mars orbit and report back to earth information and images back to NASA.

Mariner 10


Venus and mercury flyby first to visit mercury first to have close images


The technology used at the time was probes to be sent to out of space to take images of the planets and to report the information back to NASA for research. Images would have been black and white and 2D . There were very basic . They had poor recordings and sound and was displayed on a black and white TV. They did not bring back any samples. But the technology was getting better and they found better quality information.
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Knowledge of our Solar System

All the information from the NASA probes was used to help research more about our solar system and has helped us understand more about the and planets and found out mostly about Mars, Venus andMercury. Trying this has improved for future probes that will be sent out. And we have even developed rovers so we can take samples and better recordings on future explorations.