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About Ancient Egyptians😊

Geography- The Nile River was used for transportation, trading, and crops. The location of the Nile River is important because if there was no water sources or the Nile River it would be really hot and dry there. The role of the Nile River and the success of the Egyptian Civilization was special because without the Nile River, Ancient Egypt may have never existed. The climate in Egypt is hot-extreme temperatures. The Egyptians wisely used irrigation by using a Shadoof.

Religion- Religion was important to the Egyptians because of the cities and traditions. These are a few gods and goddesses and who they watched over. Isis; she was the protector of children. Nephthys; protector goddess of women and friends. Ra; sun god and considered king of the Gods. Bastet; goddess of joy and love. In Egypt they mummified Pharaohs, Queens and other important people of Egypt. They performed mummification because they believed in life after death.The purpose of the pyramids were to protect the body of the deceased Pharaoh. Then later the valley of the kings. The purpose for Valley of the Kings was a great burial ground for the Pharaohs.

Achievements- These are a few inventions and discoveries of the Ancient Egyptians. Writing- used for hieroglyphics. Papyrus Sheets- used for important documents and religious texts. Tooth paste- their bread had so much grit and sand in it that they needed to take care of their teeth. Two inventions that are still used today are tooth paste and make up. The pyramids of Giza were popular but are still a mystery today because they’ve been up for so long.

Politics- In Egypt they chose their leader by seeing who was the smartest, most talented, and also others voted. Pharaohs and queens were involved in Egypt's government. The kings of Egypt spent most of their lives preparing for their death. The construction of the tomb or pyramid usually began as soon as they took the throne. There are 225 names of rulers who were known to be Pharaohs of Egypt. A leader was chosen in Ancient Egypt by dividing up the timelne of Ancient Egyptian history by the dynasties of Pharaohs.

Economics- The roots of Egyptian civilization go back more than 6,000 years. Some resources that Egyptians needed to trade for were lead ores, copper, gold/coins, and papyrus. A few resources that the Egyptians traded were tools they used to build pyramids, and some art pieces they would put in the gallery of the pyramid. They traded because sometimes they needed these things to build the pyramid or to represent something. Ancient Egyptians viewed their Pharaohs by living gods. Here are some Pharaohs and why they were important- Thutmose ll, after Thutmose's death, his son, Thutmose lll was named heir. Amon- Ra- said she was to be a pharaoh but dressed as a man. Ramesses ll was one of the longest ruling Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.

Social Structure- The daily lives of Egyptians were hard. They worked all day every day. For clothes they wore skirts because of the climate out there. the housing and food were difficult. they had to do a lot of their own stuff.

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⬇⬇Below⬇⬇ is a pyramid from Ancient Egypt, second, is a sculpture of a Pharaoh, Last, is a sheet of hieroglyphics made out of papyrus!