By:Alexa Cumming 2nd

What is a Coniferous Forest?

Coniferous Forests are unique because it is one of the only biomes that has a very specific type of biotic life. Some of the organisms ther include wolverines, evergreens, and white foxes. These biotic organisms affect the way we live because these trees give us oxygen and anything made out of paper.

The abiotic factors in this biome include sunlight, temperature, and soil. The abiotic factors are extremely important, especially in this environment. Without sunlight there would be no trees and without trees the animals wouldn't eat and the whole biome would collapse.

Taiga Facts

Human Affect

Humans have a big affect on this biome. The biggest impact on this biome is logging. In Canada every 12.9 seconds, one acre of forest is cut. We also are mining and building oil industries in the taiga. We can help this biome by reusing paper, paper bags, newspaper and other objects that harm the environment.

Fun Facts

This biome has the worlds largest living life form. It also has some of the oldest trees too. Another cool fact about this biome is that scientist believe that many years ago the taiga was covered in glaciers. The temperature reaches relatively low during winter.