Michelle Banks

By Alexa Wilson


Michelle Banks was born February 24. 1968 in Washington D.C. She has one hearing older brother. Michelle was born to hearing parents.

How She Became Deaf?

Michelle went deaf when she was one years old after getting very sick . And getting spinal meningitis.

Why She Wanted to Become An Actress?

Michelle decided that she wanted to be an actress when she was 7 years old after her and her family watched the movie Sounder.

What Did They Do?

She is an actress. She is also the founder and artistic director of Onyx Theater Company . Onyx Theater Company is the first deaf theater in U.S. oriented toward people of color.

Interesting Facts

She was the first deaf student at SUNY Purchase.

"Onyx is a black stone- the black represents people of color, and the stone represents deafness."

At the 2002 Media Access Award Ceremony, she recieved the Christopher Reeve Acting Scholarship.

One woman show Reflections of a Black Women was in ASL.

Starred in Compensation.

Where is she now?

Banks is now living in Los Angeles and no longer acts.