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March 24, 2016

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Welcome New Members!!!

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Exploring allows audience members to post questions and comments in real time. However, it has the added feature of being able to upvote or crowdsource the most relevant or popular comments and questions. Let's try it!

  1. "I'm looking for a tool to help..."
  2. "I'm looking for ideas that will..."
  3. Upvote the comments and ideas of other participants
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Erin's Tool to Share

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Amber's Take Away

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Unsanctioned PD...

If an educator improves his/her game and no one is around to check a box, did he/she become a better educator?

We need more time to IMPROVE ourselves under conditions in which we don't have to PROVE ourselves...

For Teachers: PD should be driven by passion and curiosity

  • The power of the 3-piece
  • Peer evaluations
  • Two week campaign
  • The NO GOAL goal

For Administrators:

  • Agents of climate change
  • The TWO questions: (1) Do you want to be in charge of your own PD and learn what you WANT to learn? (2) HOW are you doing? Not WHAT are you doing?
  • #MAT #SAT
  • Commitment to the "shady side" (see below)
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Use this time to EXPLORE and PLAY with a NEW TOOL

Be ready to share:

  • What is the tool?
  • Information about the new tool (how to access, sign-in, pricing, etc...)
  • What are some of the ways this tool could be used?

Also, be ready to POST an ARTIFACT of your learning. This could be a link, a screenshot - something that you can share with the community INCLUDING the information listed above about the tool you explored.

Wrap Up

Be sure to post your artifact of learning and check out the posts of other members!