Worthingway Middle School Updates


Dear Families,

Wow! What a great week back! I am so proud of our students. We had so many things going on this week - school photo retakes, two Way Days AND a return to safety expectations. Our students did so well. It was great to see all of them back in the building!

Next week we will have MAP testing Tuesday - Friday in reading and math. We will MAP test with students in their assist classes for 2 hours. Regular classes will be 30 minutes. If students have Worthingway chromebooks, please remind them to charge them and bring them for testing. Please note, classes will not be in our normal schedule order due to traveling staff members and their schedules at other buildings in the district. Here is our adjusted schedule from Tuesday - Friday:

1st period: 8:50 - 9:20

2nd period: 9:23 - 9:53

8th period: 9:56 - 10:26

3rd period: 10:29 - 10:59

4th period: 11:02 - 11:32

5th period: 11:35 - 12:05 (8th grade lunch/7th grade assist)

6th period: 12:08 - 12:38 (7th grade lunch/8th grade assist)

MAP Testing: 12:41 - 2:41

7th period: 2:44 - 3:14

9th period: 3:17 - 3:50

Please email Mr. Kellenberger if you have any questions.

Have a great weekend!


Mr. Kellenberger

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Water Bottles

Just a quick reminder that our drinking fountains are off due to COVID concerns, but our water bottle fill stations remain on. Students are welcome to bring water bottles to school and re-fill as needed.

8th Grade Families: TWHS/WKHS Scheduling

8th Grade Families,

High school scheduling is starting. Mrs. Fei will be sharing a lot of information with our 8th graders over the coming weeks. This will include whole group and individual scheduling support and high school program information, likely via videos shared in assist AND in the school newsletter. Below is a timeline of upcoming events. As a reminder, current 8th grade students, who attend Slate Hill Elementary School, will attend Worthington Kilbourne High School next year. Information will be updated on our school website.

Linworth Alternative Program


1/25 and 1/26: Curriculum Night videos shared.

1/26 and 1/27: Mrs. Fei to Social Studies classes to explain registration. Registration cards passed out (due back 2/2 and 2/3).

2/2 and 2/3: Signed registration cards due. Mrs. Fei to Social Studies to support student registration (students will physically register for high school classes at this time).

Mrs. Fei will contact OOLP families directly to provide support.

Worthington Cares Coolition


Coming up on January 19th at 7 pm the Worthington Cares Speaker Series continues with a special online screening of "If They Had Known," with commentary from a guest panel.

“If They Had Known” is a documentary about an accidental death that shouldn't have happened. Partying in high school and college is nothing new, but how kids party these days has changed. Some youth now casually mix alcohol with commonly prescribed medications without any knowledge that they may be putting themselves at risk. This recreational trend is happening in high schools and on college campuses across the country and is resulting in accidental deaths.

Watch and participate from home or on the go as this presentation will be online. Registration is FREE and required. Register now using the button below.


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Please visit our school website for athletic information or contact Mr. Mosca (wmosca@wscloud.org) our school Athletic Director

Buddy Box Meal Opportunities

Worthingway continues to partner with the Family Mentor Foundation to provide Buddy Boxes. We have many families participating already, and would love to be able to provide for even more. Families who sign up will receive a small box of non-perishable food items for students to take home each Thursday or Friday. This box should be small enough to fit into a student's backpack. We will work out a system to pass out these boxes that works for your student. If you are interested in this, please email Mrs. Fei at nfei@wscloud.org. (If you already receive a Buddy Box, no need to re-enroll at this time.)

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Worthingway Middle School

Principal: Nathan Kellenberger (nkellenberger@wscloud.org)

Dean/Athletic Director: Bill Mosca (wmosca@wscloud.org)

Counselor: Natalie Fei (nfei@wscloud.org)

Secretaries: Amanda DeBernard (adebernardi@wscloud.org)

Val Swearengen (vswearengen@wscloud.org)