Sapphire, North Carolina

Thanksgiving Vacation

Sapphire, North Carolina

It is one of the most beautiful places in the world if you like the moutains and especially if you like to go on trails and hike.

Every Thanksgiving

Every Thanksgiving we go up to Sapphire, North Carolina to celebrate Thanksgiving. We hang out up there and eat and spend time with our family and have fun.

Grandparents and Parents are in charge.

Our family is always asking, is it going to be fun? Is it a good tradition to go up in the moutains? Should we change our tradition?

No, we shouldn't change our tradition. It is great the way it is now and of course it is always fun. Thanksgiving is only one time a year to share a big meal with our family. Our family loves the moutains so that is another reason why we shouldn't change our tradition. And it is always funa nd a good experience.

Join us in Sapphire, North Carolina!!

Join us in Sapphire, North Carolina if you want to have Thanksgiving with us and you have nothing else to do!!! :)


Thursday, Nov. 28th 2013 at 8am

Sapphire, North Carolina

Sapphire, NC

All relatives and friends can come!!! :)

Thanksgiving Celebration of 2013