Come see my baby!!

P.S. its a girl!

YOU are invited!!!

Hi you are invited to my little kits party, I love her dearly. She has the cutest little blonde straight hair, with no UGLY widows peak.She has the cutest little trick where she rolls her tongue ohhh its SO cute!! And when you see her cute little eyes when there open wow she is the CUTEST baby ever. The best part is she doesnt smell like her father ew dont even get me started. Everything is perfect about her from her two big toes to her cute attached earlobes

come see Katherine Whitehill

Tuesday, April 9th 2013 at 5:30-7:30pm

190 N Moore Rd

Coppell, TX

She is two weeks old her genotypes DD,bb,LL,RR,ww,tt,cc,Bb,ss,XX

30% of her genotypes are homozygous for dominates traits and 10% of her is heterozygous for dominate traits. And 60% are homozygous for recessive traits. 60% of the babies phenotypes are ressecive because i was born with two recessive traits while my husband was born with one recessive trait.

Child one has most of the dominant traits while child two has most off the recessive traits they are almost different in everyway.