three blind mice case

murder of the oldest blind mouse

start of case

in this case we have arrested the last two blind mice that we think have murdered the oldest of the three blind mice

whats going on

with no bail because it is a felony and not a misdemeanor and the fact that we now have an eye witness the judge has decided to go further with this case and has made an arraignment to go before a petit jury and then a grand jury

the mice have a problem

the mice were kinda poor and therefore could not get a good attorney so they had to settle for a public defender to take the case and from there on all he would say is " my defendant denies all charges" witch did not help them

time for the witness

the judge finally ordered a subpoena so they can here what he/she has to say and by the end of her story the judge realized that she has committed purjury and someone had paid her to say that. that caused her to be put in jail and will face a severe prosecution.

the case took a turn

now that the verdict for the mice is not guilty the focus is now on the indictment of the witness for her crime. by the end of her case she was found guilty and started plea barganing and was rejected and face a ten year sentence.