CSA ~ July 18, 2019

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In This Week's Share!

Corn (from McMaster's Farm)








Birdhouse Gourd


Zucchini (last two items from Horst)

Birdhouse Gourd

Want to provide a home for some feathered friends? We can help with that! Last year we had great success with gourd growing. Our folks spent the winter and spring letting them dry and then cleaning and preparing them, following the directions in the link below. It has been an interesting project! If you don't attract any birds this year, don't worry. Try re-hanging in early spring to attract birds looking for a new home. In the fall, use a stick to break up and empty out old nests to get ready for the next round of inhabitants.


Turnips are a delicious but often overlooked veggie that we are excited to be growing this year. Not sure what to do with a turnip? Here is an easy roasted turnip side dish as well as an extra link with more turnip ideas. Enjoy!


Green beans, string beans, wax beans, and snap beans are all, essentially, the same thing. Little differences, mainly in color and shape, separate one from another. They are more or less interchangeable in recipes, though bigger beans take longer to cook than skinnier beans, of course. Keep that in mind and try some bean experiments, like the surprisingly easy pickled bean recipe below!


When you think of radishes, are salads the first dish to come to mind? There are many other tasty uses for this veggie! One easy way to prepare radishes as a side dish is to simply cut them into equal pieces, coat them in olive oil in a roasting pan, toss with salt & pepper, and pop them into a 400F oven. Roast until they’re tender-crisp, checking every 15 minutes. Or, try the creative egg dish below...that also uses fresh herbs.

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