Magic Johnson

By Karsten Graham

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Early life Part 1

I Earvin Johnson Jr was born in Lansing, Michigan on August 14, 1959. My parents were Christine and Earvin Johnson Sr. I Earvin Johnson Jr had 6 siblings. You know me as Magic Johnson but this my his real name before that began. I Earvin was called June bug by my friends because I was chubby as a child and I was always hopping around places.

Early life Part 2

I was bused to go to Everett High School even though I lived closer to Sexton High School I couldn't go there because Sexton High School was for white students only. When I tried out for the basketball team in high school I made the team. Obviously my teammates didn't want me on the team because I was too good and I did everything himself. So I led the team to the state championship at the lawn of the University Michigan in my junior season because the first two seasons we didn't have a lot of chemistry. Also in my junior season I got United Press International prep player and got MVP of my conference. My teammates called me Magic and they would never call me June Bug because I was so good. After high school I wanted to play college basketball and I narrowed down to two colleges Michigan State or Michigan. I finally decided Michigan State. In my sophomore season in college I was amazing. I led the team to the NCAA finals and won! We played against Indiana State with their star player Larry Bird.

Career In NBA

When I got drafted to the NBA in 1979 to the Lakers in my rookie season I adjusted to the team quickly in the playoffs. We quickly won the NBA finals against Larry Bird and the Celtics and I got named finals MVP. At the beginning of my second season on opening night against the Atlanta Hawks, Hawks center Tom Burleson fell across the back of my knee I tore the cartilage in my knee I was out for about four months and then I finally played on February 27 1981. Then in the finals we the Lakers beat the Philadelphia 76ers once again I earned Finals MVP. Then in 1985 we the Lakers won the finals. Kareem Abdul Jabbar got named MVP because of his famous Skyhook. Then in 1988 we the Lakers won against the Detroit Pistons in the finals that would be my last title. The next preseason we the Lakers were facing the Utah Jazz I got a call from Dr Mellman our team doctor I caught the next plane back to Los Angeles Mellman had medical tests for me he told me I had to retire because I was tested positive for HIV and AIDS! So I immediately retired, I tried to comeback every year but I finally retired for good and tried to educate kids about HIV and Aids. My wife Cookie she was just about to have a baby so I immediately had Cookie and the baby tested for HIV and AIDS lucky enough they were healthy.

Retirement and after job

I was still missing something and that was olympic gold so I got selected for the USA 1992 Dream Team in Barcelona, Spain and we the dream team swept every team and easily won the gold.
Now I have my own theater called Magic Theaters and I try to educate as many people as possible about HIV and AIDS I still have HIV and AIDS but since then the doctors have been able to use drugs and try to make me live a normal life and it is working. Todays best players are still learning from me and many others,I will always be remembered in the NBA.
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