Goodnight Goon

By: Michael Rex

Literary Merit

This book is s spin off of the well-known book Goodnight Moon. This book was found on the We Give Books website and is available to anyone. This book is targeted for children ages 4-7. Unlike most children's books this book does not contain end pages; not having end pages is a lost opportunity to convey the action in the story or gain the reader's attention early. Reading the book online was a new experience to me and it took a little time to get used to not having the book in my hands and actually doing the motion of turning the page. This website tries to give the reader this feel by showing the animation of a turning page every time you click the button. While reading this book online, the website has a tool on the page to allow readers to zoom in on the text and pictures to give them a better view. As stated in CHCL, good children's book contains the drama of turning the page. This book has the drama of turning the page because the texts cuts off and leaves the reader guessing what is going to happen on the next page. CHCL also states that children's picture books illustrations and text should be interdependent and rely on one another. This book contains illustrations that depend on the text and are not just showing the action that is happening in the text. Throughout the book the illustrations build off of one another and help to carry the story along. Another important formatting in the book is the text. Throughout the book, the author made sure that the text is easy to read on every page no matter what color the background was. The text changes color depending on the background color to ensure that readers can easily read; for example if the background was dark, the author made the text white. In conclusion, this online book contains the same elements as a "real" book except that the readers don't get the real feel of book; the website didn't alter the book by reading it aloud or making the book interactive.

By: Elizabeth Reese

For Digital Resources Module, ERCH 435