I Know My Rights!

by Ainsley McMillan

New Laws to Help the Flaws: 13th Amendment

Am I tired of having punish those slaves, not any more. Slaves are no more! Thanks to our new amendment slaves are now illegal and are free! Enough about that, slaves go and fun!

Freedom for Slaves, Now a Home For the Braves

There' said new rule in town and it won't be lost in a pile of junk. Now our 14th amendment states that all blacks are protected by the law. Also, due process, now a new rule. Now, instead of having things happen just like that, there is a whole process for it to happen. Finally, everyone born on American soil is an official American citizen. You can' tube considered a black unless you have a great-grandparent who is all black. Blacks still have limited rights. Forget about this, be American Africans!

15th Amendment is Now a New Rule, As For The Blacks, They'll Think It's Really Cool

Here Ye, Here Ye, come one and all to hear this one of a kind law. Now because of the 15th amendment men of all races the rights to vote. Thanks to the new rule there is now a $1.00 fee. Now go out there and vote, it's your time to decide!