Early Childhood Educator

Samantha Alvarez

Job Description

As an Early Childhood instructor, I would start my "typical day" with a team building exercise. Get the classroom interacting with each other and collaborate. Then we beginning class with the push for knowledge! As the educator, I need to provide the students with a safe learning environment.

Working Conditions

As an Early Childhood teacher, you are always on your feet! You can find yourself in many stressful situations. However you are never alone and never bored at work, you have millions of young minds ready to learn and you hold the magic serum to feed their brains. You can find yourself losing control of the class, but anything as simple as ringing a bell or clapping your hands 3 times will bring your class together again.
Training and Education Requirments

Degree Level: Early Childhood Education certification & an associate's degree or bachelor's degree | Degree Field: Early childhood education | Requirements: Pass background check & mandatory immunizations. Meet an minimum teaching requirements

Personal Characteristics

I remember taking a survey in school a personality test. If you got "gold" you would be the most responsible, most caring, and the best rule follower. I tried to figure out the test to achieve the gold group. As I answered the question I realized I didn't need to, these were all my traits. A teacher needs to be a character in which you look up to, not just another employee a role model.

Personal Contact Information

Samantha Alvarez

Education and Training Intern

Personal Number: 817-808-7106

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What have you done in preperation for the Education and Training pathway?

I've taken Human Growth and Development studying children and the way they are changing everyday. Learning about simple traits about how children act and how they react to situations in the classrooms. Instructional Practicum Education and Training this class allowed students to leave our home campus to help teacher in different campuses in the classroom. This was also a program called "Ready, Set , Teach !" I worked as a inter learning how a teacher works with one on one learning. Principles of Education and Training in this class we were taught education history, leanring how teachers in the past taught in comparison to teachers now. We learned how to make resumes for the future and how teachers use different methods to teach their students.
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