Your Investment Options


Savings Accounts

~often first banking product people use

~earn small amounts of intrest

~federal government guarantees the safety of these accounts

~pay low intrest rates

~take money out with no penalty

~is a liquid asset: can be easily converted into cash

U.S. Savings Bonds

~gonvernment pays intrest money for loaning money

~formall agreement where borrower can use money for set period of time and lender will get paid a specific amount of intrest in return

~government can use money for one to 30 years

~if can in bond early you'll have to pay a penalty

~pay higher rates of interest.


~having stock in company means you own part

~companies use stocks to raise money for buying new equiopment or hiring more employees

~investors are called share holders

~stocks are risky investments

~no guarentee you'll make money

~can sell stocks at anytime

Real Estate

~Investors buy property: land or buildings

~it you own your home, that is real estate

~many forms of real estate is: malls, apartments, under developed land, commercial buildings, and farm land

~ easier to sell than stocks


~items that are relatively rare in numbers

~paintings, sculptures, and other works of art are all collectibles

~dont make profit or lose till they sell

~small market for collectibles

~very high risk