From Cotton to T-Shirts

By: Eylla


T-shirts are the most casual wearing clothing item that most people wear. Have you ever wondered how it gets from cotton to you?


My origin is mostly where the cotton comes from and where it grows in. It is made in China, India, and the United States and lots more. So the cotton grows in warm and sunny places and where it rains a lot. And the cotton comes from some farms too.


My process about t-shirts is really interesting and it takes them a really long time to do it. First styling ,cutting,assembling the front and back,assembling the sleeves, stitching the hem,adding pockets, stitching the shoulder seams attaching the neck band. This part is more at the end finishing the neck line,label setting,option features,finishing operations,quality control,the future.

Interesting Facts

Here are just some interesting facts they are some really good facts you probably did not know about. A t-shirt is called a t-shirt because it make the letter t when it is flattened out. The bolls are squeezed together in a picking machine. About 70% of the over 100 million bales of cotton are produced globally are harvest by hand.


Last of all my end conclusion so here it is. Now you know how your t-shirts are made that you wear. Well you know how it is made and how it comes to your closet.
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