"Spirits Of The Dead"

Explication by Justin Waddell


"Spirits Of The Dead" is a original Edgar Allen Poe poem. This poem is a narrative and appears to tell a story of a depressed man or dark soul who is suffering with the thoughts of death and things that relate to it. In the first 3 stanzas the speaker tells a story of a man deep in his thoughts being disturbed by dark spirits. In the last two stanzas the man whom the speaker is talking about is standing by a hill with no light but only darkness while multiple thoughts run through his head while all is silent, not even a gust of wind.

Analysis pt 2

The poem has a negative, scary tone and gives the reader a chilling, disturbed feeling. The poem has a irregular "AABCD" rhyme scheme. Its a regular rhyme at first than eventually turns to free verse after a couple lines. When reading this poem you can receive images of grave yards, lost souls and dark shadowy places. The speaker seems to be someone telling a story about another individual's experiences in 3rd person with simple sentences and simple vocabulary. There are little allusions but some I thought of are dark places like a morgue or hell.

Pictures relating to the poem