2nd Grade Scoop

Mayfield Junior School - May 16, 2016


Please stop by the annual Mayfield Junior School Art Show this week in the gym. This is an incredibly special art show, featuring the work of the talented Mayfield students of kindergarten through eighth grades. The show is only on for one week, so don't miss it! Our second graders have a few different exhibits in the show that you must see! Here are some details of what you will see! MJS Annual Art Show, Gym

2nd Graders Use Their Hands to Serve

As a part of our Service Learning project, the second graders used their hands to grow and harvest greens in our Mayfield garden. Last week they made tags and bagged the greens for families and faculty. We sent home your bags of salad greens on Wednesday. Did you enjoy yours in a salad? Let us know, or send us pictures! We would love your feedback!

Trash to Treasure - Is your student ready?

Your child's Trash to Treasure project should be in the final stages, or finished. The project is due this Thursday, May 19th. Your second grader will bring the project to school on Thursday, and will present it to the class. We also will host a Trash to Treasure gallery tour for first grade and the other second grade classes! Please note that your child also must fill out the form describing the project. More forms are available in the classrooms. We cannot wait to see the students' creations!

Read Across America

The last day to turn in Read Across America mileage sheets is Wednesday, June 1st. Is your second grader reading? Is he or she filling out the forms and turning them in? We hope to see more sheets in the next few weeks, as we wind down for the end of the road with Read Across America, and arrive at our final destination, Washington D.C.! Remember, this also counts as an outside reading grade.

Recycle and Read Continues!

Read about the Library's 8th Annual: Recycle and Read!

Lower School Talent Show Update

This year's Lower School Talent Show is on June 7th!

Download this form to enter: Talent Show Form

See the form for more detailed information. The talent form is due on Friday, May 27th. Performers in grades 1-3 may only perform in solo acts, remember there is no practicing allowed at school, and each act must be under two minutes long. Can't wait to see the amazing show!

Important end of year dates!

  • May 16-20: Arts Week/Art show
  • May 19 : Trash to Treasure due! Presentations and Gallery Tour today!
  • May 27 : Pancake Breakfast and Blue and White Day
  • May 30: Memorial Day/No School
  • May 31: Washington D.C. Day!
  • May 31: Lower School Moving Up Day
  • June 1: End of Year Party for Second Grade; 10:50am
  • June 1: Last day for Read Across America
  • June 3: K-7 Half day of School (for 8th Grade Graduation)
  • June 7: Lower School Talent Show
  • June 9: Last Day of School - Half Day 10:30am closing Mass (Concert Dress)

Spelling Words - 2nd and 3rd grade sight words

  1. always
  2. about
  3. because
  4. before
  5. clean
  6. does
  7. done
  8. don't
  9. eight
  10. first
  11. hurt
  12. many
  13. laugh
  14. light
  15. own
  16. their
  17. which
  18. together
  19. wash
  20. warm

  1. Please wash your hands before we have dinner.
  2. Many people go to Mass together.

In May we crown mary

May is a very special month for honoring Mary, our Blessed Mother. We continue to welcome flowers for our Mary statues in our classrooms or on campus. Praying the Hail Mary is another way to honor her.

Paper towel rolls

We continue to collect paper towel rolls for second grade science. Please send in your paper towel rolls when you can. thanks!

To connect with the second grade teachers:

Mrs. Dorr - bdorr@mayfieldjs.org

Mrs. Delgado - kdelgado@mayfieldjs.org

Mrs. Genton - cgenton@mayfieldjs.org