Women's Suffrage

Women Suffer of no Voting Rights

Early Rights

  • Late 1800’s early 1900’s

  • voting was limited to men who own property

  • had to have a strong interest in gov't

  • had to be highly qualified/ decisions

  • change in social conditions were uncommon

  • men believed women were less intelligent

  • also that they were less able to make political decisions

  • no questions about why they didn't vote

Who are Suffragists

  • people who believed in change
  • goals
  • perseverance
  • faced strong opposition
  • wanted women to vote
  • willing to fight for women's rights

Change in Actions?

  • men were starting to protest w/ women
  • gov't was seeing he good in women votes
  • gov't also saw the bad
  • refused to do anything
  • until.....around 1920's

Importent people

  • Alice Paul, leader of suffragists
  • determined to let women have their rights
  • stood out in protests, and marches
  • didn't stand down
  • perseverance showed through her dedication for equality
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