Biomass project

ziyad and louis

What is Biomass

  • Biomass is made from animals and plants and the burning of wood

Is biomass renewable or nonrenewable

  • Bio mass is renewable because it's made from trash, tree scraps(wood) and inexpensive supplies.

How is biomass involved with electricity

  • Biomass is used for electricity by taking the extracted biomass and combine with water and make steam then utake that steam and transfer that to a steam turbine

what percent of NY state uses biomass and what percent of the whole united states uses biomass

  • 17% of NY uses Biomass and 15% of the united states uses Biomass

Advantages about Biomass

  • One advantage about biomass is that is renewable and in expensive to burn the trash. It cost less than the other Energy's and it is good for the enviroment

The dis advantages of biomass

  • I requires alot of space and cost money to extract the biomass

what people in new York are working on in the news

  • the worker in new York are working on making the water less polluted and how to get more crops by cutting down 110,000 trees in the forest