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Working On Independent Projects

Genius Day

Every Friday students are allowed to work on a project of their choice; it can be anything they want as long as it meets the following criteria:

  1. It's a school appropriate project
  2. It's creative
  3. It has a problem to solve
  4. They stay on task

Wow, what a fantastic bunch of students. Every Friday, they are here before the bell and working on their projects. They work so hard and I am so proud of them. :-)


"I am mostly experimenting with how Greenfoot works and what I can do and how it is done.


"I have decided to make a legend of Zelda game in Scratch because it is different than things other people will probably make."


"Right now I am currently working on a project with two of my friends Ashlyn and Kelsey who helped write out the story and I take it into a whole new level and turn it into a real life experience. I didn't think I would ever be this could at Scratch..but I have learned a lot about it just by using it a lot and figuring it out. Once you get used to it and getting creative it becomes really fun. "Just Do It!" "


"I am just working on Greenfoot trying to figure out how to program it and make my own game."


"I am working in Scratch coding a Mario game."


"I am getting started with Java using the NetBeans IDE. I am really excited about learning it!"


"My project is in Scratch and it is about a race car trying to cross the city and encounters lots of obstacles. I have learned how to create games in Scratch - I like it because it is easy to understand and you can make amazing things."

His project: Potato's Car


"I am practicing and trying to learn Greenfoot, by copying the code for the wombat and modifying it to work with the pig actor. I enjoy because hopefully it will help me create my own projects independently."


"Today in Programming for Genius Friday, I worked on an introduction software to programming called RoboMind Academy. RoboMind Academy taught me how to work on and understand lines of an algorithm in a simpler, broke down language."


"I enjoy using Java because it gives me the opportunity to create and change whatever I want. It's also very organized and direct with what is being programmed. I am using the Netbeans IDE."


"I am experimenting with the Greenfoot software, that way I can get a better grasp on how it works. Today, for example, I took the asteroids games and changed the rocket to a hamburger, the asteroid to a fat man, and the lasers into fries. All in all I learned and had fun."