12th night smore

Gender and identity


I belive I am a hard working teenage highschool student. But some people do look down upon on me because I have anger probloms and dont really no how to control them. I dress like a normal teen, and i speak normaly with teens my age and sometimes older on a daily basis. but I feel like im going to be a importent member in society because when im done with school im going to college and getting a good job.


i am a teenager that goes to high school. i am not judged on my gender based on my school performence but there are many challenges I face as a teenager high school student. I have to establish all the work i do in all 7 classes. and if there is a time a dont do good on a test or any work in general I have to depend on my skills of thinking and knowlege to study more and do better. but there is also positives like when I go to school i get to see and talk to all my friends.


i belive people see me as a normal teenage boy because i dress like one, and i act like one too. I see my friends thinking im funny, cool, and a easy going kind of person. But i sometimes feel that sometimes i go to far with jokes or when i get mad. i feel like when i just want a break or when i sick i deside to stay home from school. because so i can feel better and consentrate better the next day when i go back to school.

identiy (fool)

the fool is a charcter that is type that jokes around alot. and also he is basicly like a normal character in 12th night bescept he stands out the most out of all the oither charcters in 12th night. because he dresses in weird and silly type clothing. and also he constenetly joking around but when he jokes around hes generly talking about something seruise that is happning or something that is about to happen.

perception (fool)

i belive people see the fool as a joking around type person for the following reasons. the first thing is people judge him on what he wears because the fool dresses in big clothing and goofy looking clothing. also people think he is a funny and joking aound type person because he jokes around alot but what those people dont know is when the fool jokes around he is generaly trying to tell people that something seruise is going on. and if the fool said that stuff regular he would get killed by the queen.