Marriage Advance

43 SB Strong Bonds Relationship Training

Strong Bonds Event Date Set for 31 January - 2 February

Welcome! Traditionally we call these weekend events 'retreats'. Certainly in form that is what we are doing. However, I want you to conceptualize that in our marriage we can't retreat we must advance by addressing with courage and maturity the issues that tend to divide us. This weekend will provide you and your spouse an excellent opportunity to make progress in marriage by focusing on the fundamentals of communication and fighting well. These fundamentals will free you to address with patience the issues that hinder marital growth. By the way you will do this at a beautiful location with tons of things to do with your spouse and family. I hope you are prepared to have a great weekend and make serious progress in your marriage!

Marriage Advance

Friday, Jan. 31st 2014 at 4pm to Sunday, Feb. 2nd 2014 at 12pm

22101 U.S. 6

Keystone, CO

Keystone Lodge and Spa is a great location with things like ice skating, sledding and multiple shops. You are free to ski or snowboard anywhere in the area the Saturday afternoon but obviously Keystone is really close.


Jan 31- Friday

1600-1800 Check-In

1800-2000 Dinner and Session 1 and 2

February 1 - Saturday

0800-1300 Breakfast, Session 3-4, Lunch (On Your Own)

1300-1800 Free Time

1800-2000 Dinner Date Night

February 2 - Sunday

0800 Breakfast

0900-1100 Closing Session and Optional Service

(Schedule can change based on budget and contracting concerns)

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