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Conduit for Change, Annelies M. Gentile, MA, ACC empowers people and organizations to thrive, leading from the inside out. Together, we look at and integrate the whole- not just the pieces in order to shift what’s stuck and leverage what’s working. In a nutshell, it’s about wellness of being and business. Lest not forget we’re all human-BEings first-- not human-doings. Her clients are heart-centered leaders and passionate professionals who care about THE BIG PICTURE.

Each season Annelies shares A Heart's Story, rich with humanity and useful coaching nuggets for a life worth living, and announces upcoming calendar events. To stay on her announcement list JOIN THE EMAIL LIST!

A Heart's Story: Gratitude . Attitude . Service

My dad always said, "Sweetheart, today's the first day of the rest of your life! Make it a great one!" He said this with a big smile and a glint in his eye as he bid me farewell and off to school so many years ago. He had a supreme attitude of gratitude. Everyday his eyes opened he'd say he had permission to begin again, hit restart. It was a new day and how it went was all up to him.

  • How often do you hit restart?

At the end of his outstretched arm, as I ran out the door to the school bus at 5 AM, was a hand-painted lunch bag, one that he'd spent an hour on, the night before. Each was an original design loosely based upon a joke he'd found in a Ranger Rick magazine. Classmates would gather 'round each day to see Daddy-O's lunch bags. Some coveted them, so I shared, giving out a few that I could bear to pass on. I knew my daddy was special. How many other kids had a stay-at-home working mom and a present and loving dad who'd spend time each day to dedicate creativity to lunch for his daughters? No doubt, this is a dedication of service like non-other, from both my parents.

  • In what ways do you share your service of creativity with others?

Why was he home? Dis-ease. Years of unregulated diabetes ate away at his body, making him unable to work for almost 20 years. Did this take him down? No. He leveraged it. He over-cared for his kids, went the extra mile and was there every step of the way for those he loved and for strangers, for he rarely met one.

  • Where do you over-extend and forget your number one priority- YOU? Remember the "please put the oxygen mask on you first" airplane announcement?

He lifted us and others up in many profound ways. He came from an Italian immigrant family, who came to the States with nothing more than the clothes on their back and maybe a small satchel. They were tailors, hard working "no-collar" workers. They moved countries then entered the American Great Depression. My dad was a small boy in a tough economy with non-English speaking parents. These experiences in some people could break families apart and shatter dreams. However, regardless, my dad took golden nuggets from each of his difficult times, including his everyday struggle with pain, illness and surgeries, and instilled an extraordinary zest for positivity, generosity and compassion.

  • How do you permit fear to lead verses when you permit love to lead?

He was living proof of an attitude of gratitude and service that led to a prosperous way of BEing. Now, do understand, he was human and made his share of mistakes. A saint he was not. He may have wanted stuff and money, like any other, but even in his "less than days" he kept a smile and a level of enthusiasm that rivals rock-star motivational speakers. Even after 8 years since his transition, his teachings still remain one of the strongest pivotal foundations of my heart and daily practice. I am grateful for him and for what he's left in my heart to share and shine with others. Thank you Daddie-O.

  • Who in your life honors Prosperity As a Way of BEing?

Honor your life teacher today. Say thank you and pass on their teachings. Share your story with me, I'd love to hear it! 919-345-8396 OR


WISDOM CIRCLE Invitation-Only Accountability Mastermind Group 6-MONTHS

Thursday, Jan. 7th, 11am-1pm

Raleigh, NC

Wisdom Circle: The Mastermind Group for Heart-Centered Professionals is a 6 month, bi-weekly commitment driven to help you accomplish milestone goals. It's rich with compassionate ‘nudgings’ and creative perspectives designed to...READ MORE & APPLY HERE

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Calling & Commitment RALEIGH, NC

Saturday, Jan. 9th, 1-4pm

Raleigh, NC

Resolution can mean determination, but it can also mean level of clarity. Getting clear on your purpose in life is a key factor in the happiness quotient. Getting clear is a great way to start the new year. This workshop fosters...READ MORE & REGISTER HERE

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Calling & Commitment & 5 Elements Drumming ORLANDO, FLORIDA

Saturday, Jan. 16th, 10am-5pm

Orlando, FL

Start your new year off right in sunny Florida! My sweetie, Greg Whitt of Drum for Change and I are offering a double destination workshop special. The first workshop, 5 Elements Drumming, is facilitated by Greg and is based on ancient wisdom drumming traditions. The second Calling & Commitment is co-facilitated by us both and is based on getting clear on your purpose and promise in life- a key factor in the happiness quotient! DETAILS FOR REGISTRATION & EXACT LOCATION ARE IN PROCESS. RSVP BELOW OR CHECK BACK SOON FOR UPDATES!

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Vision Board Workshop RALEIGH, NC

Saturday, Jan. 30th, 1-4pm

Raleigh, NC

There are hundreds of ways to harness your imagination, creating a vision board is just one and its one that WORKS. It's a placeholder for your intentions that serve to send out a constant reminder to you and... READ MORE & REGISTER HERE

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Digital Detox in a Cabin! 2-night Retreat Emerald Isle, NC

Friday, April 1st, 7pm to Sunday, April 3rd, 12pm

Emerald Isle, NC

Over-stimulated, over-stressed and in serious technology overload? It’s time to unplug!! Disconnect to Reconnect over a lightly facilitated weekend of community, conversation, campfire and creativity in nature, flanked between the beautiful sound and ocean. Experience back-to-basics by staying in cabins and... DETAILS COMING SOON! RSVP BELOW OR CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES!

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