Mesoamerica Brochure

By: Jack Buckles

Aztec Art

The Aztec's had many different forms of art. They built a lot of big structures like pyramids. They made art with things like gold beads, feathers, pottery, and jewelry.

Mayan Inventions

Location of These Civilizations


The Mayans were around southern mexico then later moved to Central America. The Incas were around modern day Peru, Columbia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile. The Aztecs were located around Mexico city.

Aztec Farming

The Aztecs used a method of farming called chinampa. This method of farming let them farm on water. They made artificial islands out of sticks, leafs and mud from the bottom of the lake. They could grow seven times more crops than on a normal farm.
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Governments/ Social Classes


  • Three main classes, nobles, intermediates, and commoners.


  • Very tightly controlled government
  • Dictated life choices
  • Two main groups nobles and commoners


  • Four main classes, kings, notabilities, peasants, and slaves

Farming For Incas and Mayans


  • Used terraced mountain irrigation streams for mountains

  • Used a method called slash and burn, cut the grass and then burned it that kept the soil rich

Aztec Inventions

Aztec, Inca, and Mayans skills


  • Good at fighting
  • Good at farming


  • Good effective government


  • Good at inventing things
  • Good a farming

Inca Inventions

Inca Inventions

Incas langauge

There is no found written language. They used math to communicate.