Sociological Imagination Project

" I was a warehouse wage slave"

The article

The article basically talks about the feelings of woman that work in a warehouse with insane conditions, working almost 9 hours in a warehouse with awful conditions and putting them imposible goals at the final of the day, making them work as slaves, as if they were not person, just a business.

Reading the article you can see some examples of what I'm talking, like, the absences, whenever you're late or absence you win points that reached a number you will be fired for work, in this system there is no excuses for absence, even if your wife is in the hospital because she is going to give birth and you have to go, you will receive points for that absence, something that shows that there is not empathy and no humanity in this job.

Issues connected to the topic and my sociological imagination

Reading through the article we can find different issues related with empathy and sociological imagination, something that at this job is totally gone. People is treated as if they were not even human, just money, they just care about the goals, there is nothing they care more about the quantity of profits they earn with that workers.

If we talk about my sociological imagination related to the article, when I think about what this woman is suffering every single day in her work I just feel rage to her boss, to the one who think about his workers as if they were not people, demonstrating he doesn't have any empathy with them, for him they are just money, nobody deserves being treated like this at work.


After reading this article I can perfectly empathize with the woman, the things she suffer everyday in her job just to earn some money working under deficient conditions in a place that more than a simple job in a warehouse looks more as a dictatorship and slavery would be in a country. Some of the workers get hurt because the mixture of trying to work as fast as possible to complete they goals and the awful installations the warehouse has.

Do I think the boss care? Of course not, he just care about if the workers make their impossible and insane goals or not, if they are absents or not. Every other single think is not that, is not his business, something that almost reach inhumanity and it shows he doesn't have any empathy with his workers.