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Weekly Update 9/30/2018

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TMS Spirit

Hello, TMS Community!

The picture above was designed and created by our Student Learning Coach, Mrs. Lauren Salsinger. It is a great representation of the growth mindset we have here at Thomas. As learners with a growth mindset, we ask questions, we self-assess, we give and receive feedback, we plan and document, and we reflect.

This past week we hit the midterm point in quarter 1. I think it is a great idea to talk with your child about how things are going and sit down with your child and look at PowerSchool to view the current grades. Remember the goal is growth!

We have multiples supports to offer students here at Thomas. For 6th and 7th grade there is after school homework club or the 11th hour after school. For 8th grade, there is something similar, but we often refer to it as office hours before or after school. If your child needs to stay after school and work in a specific subject area please have them check with their classroom teacher. If that teacher is not available to stay they can always find an 11th hour that is available. For more information please contact the team leader, myself, Lori, or Andrea.

This week Hersey and Buffalo Grove High Schools are both celebrating their homecoming week. To stay in the spirit of community we are also going to celebrate with our own little spin. Please click on this link to see how your child can participate in the FUN of homecoming week as a middle schooler!

#Be The Good!


Thomas PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

Please take a moment to click on this link and view the Thomas Middle School PTA link.


Both Hersey & Buffalo Grove High School are celebrating their Homecoming this week! If you are interested in getting in the spirit please see our spin on the activities being planned at Hersey & Buffalo Grove this week!



Bus riders need to show bus passes in the AM and PM starting tomorrow MONDAY, OCTOBER 1st. If your child forgets their bus pass at home please have them stop in the office for a temporary pass during their lunch period.

Parent / Teacher Conferences

October 18th

Day 1 (8:15 am – 7:45 pm)

October 19th

Day 2 (8:15 am – 11:45 am)

A link to sign-up for a conference will be sent to parents whom the teachers will be requesting a conference and then a link will be sent to all parents who would like a conference.

I want to warn our incoming parents that not every parent will be able to register for a conference. We conduct team-based conferences lasting 15 minutes each. If you would like a conference but all the slots are filled please email the team leader directly to request a conference.

Please be patient and a link will be sent soon. Thank you!

6th Grade ONLY - Creative Arts

6th-grade students will be changing to the next rotation in their creative arts classes on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 2nd.

Art to Drama

Drama to STEM


DAAD to Music

Music to CMA

CMA to Art

Enjoy the final day in your 1st rotation on Monday! Your teacher will make sure you know where to go on Tuesday!


There is no school on Friday, October 5th. Teachers will be engaging in discussions regarding the most recent assessments administered to your children. Additionally, they will discuss "Think About It" data, attendance data, and further refine our Social Emotional Learning lessons for homeroom and advisory.

There is no school on Monday, October 8th. Everyone will have no school in honor of Columbus Day. Enjoy the family day!

Emergency Alert Test

Please remind your child to turn off their phone and keep them in their lockers throughout the school day. On October 3rd around 1:18 pm all phones will be part of a nationwide emergency alert test. We want to make sure all phones are turned off and in their lockers as they should be every day.
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TMS Club Information

Please click on this link to view the latest information on Thomas clubs!

If your child does not see a club they are interested in or they want to consider starting a new club please have them talk with their homeroom teacher about completing a NEW CLUB PROPOSAL form.

PowerSchool for PARENTS

Click on this link for PARENT information related to logging into PowerSchool.

Schoology for Parents

Click on this link for PARENT information related to logging into Schoology.

Calendar Information

Thomas Calendar of Events

Click this button to view the Thomas calendar of events.

AHSD 25 Community Flyers

Click on this button to view the AHSD 25 Weekly Flyers.

Chromebook Information

Home Checkout Form

Click here to view the Chromebook Home Checkout Form. If you are interested in having your child bring their Chromebook home each night please print the form, sign and return to the homeroom teacher. If you are not interested in having your child bring their Chromebook home that is okay and they can keep it in homeroom overnight for charging.

Insurance (optional)

If you are interested in purchasing insurance for the Chromebook please click on this link for additional information.
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Celebrating our Thomas Alumni

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Pride of the Wolf Pack Nomination Form

Please click on the link below to nominate a former Thomas Middle School graduate for achieving success in their field of expertise. We have traditionally focused on athletics, but we are expanding to include academics and extracurricular activities, too. If you know of a former Thomas Middle School student who is worthy of being recognized please take a moment to fill out the form or send the link to a friend.


Thank you!


Helpful Links

Illinois State Report Card - Thomas

Please click this link to view the Illinois State Report Card for Thomas.