The Telegraph

The first long distance telecommunicator!

The beginning of the telecommunication revolution.

Developed by Samuel Morse in 1837, this machine was the first invention to make long distance communication possible. Using morse code, it sent electrical signals through long wires to the receiver. This technology was so far spread, there were even telegraph lines along the Atlantic Ocean!

Most likely the most impactful invention of all time.

Though not still in use today, the telegraph led to many inventions that have changed the world dramatically. It was the foundation for inventions such as telephones, fax machines, and even the internet. They made trade faster and communication easier.

Parts of a telegraph:

About The Inventor

Samuel Morse invented the telegraph system in 1837 at the age of 46. Along with it, he developed a whole new language, called morse code. It works by a combination of short and long lengths of sound. He worked for years on the telegraph, but it paid off by becoming the most popular long-distance communication method in America in the 19th century.