Gage Community School Connection

February 10, 2017 Edition

1st Grade Poetry and Punch

Our first graders had a wonderful time sharing some poetry and love with their families today! We ALL love when families are sharing in our learning!

JOY Group Visit

Girls from the JOY group (high school students) visited Gage this week to read with our Spanish Immersion Kindergarten students. It was wonderful to have them as role models for our youngest learners!
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Student Assembly Information

All students recently attended a positive behavior assembly with their grade and Mrs. Ellsworth, Gage Behavior Coach. This cycle the topic is Size of the Problem/Size of the Reaction. Students talk and learn about small, medium, and big problems. They also learn about reactions to problems. Sometimes we have a big reaction to a small problem. This is called an Unexpected Reaction. When our reaction MATCHES the size of the problem, that is called Expected Reaction. Small problems = small reactions. Student view this video about Do’s and Don’ts of how to react to problems. Unexpected reactions often make others think or act negatively toward us. Expected reactions are socially acceptable. Thank you for asking your student about this lesson and how they react appropriately to different sizes of problems.

These videos give some good examples and have been viewed by the students.

More about Size of Reaction

Big Problem vs. Small Problem Examples

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