by Ana Santamaria and Ashley Sauceda


Amelida is known as the ringed warm or segmented

symmetry: bilateral

grade of construction: organs derived from three tissue layers


  • long, slender soft body
  • body covered with mucus to conserve water
  • Bristles (stiff hair) usually present for movement
  • many are hermaphrodite

Major Groups

Intresting facts

  • Earthworms come in a seemly infinite variety—around 6,000 species worldwide.

  • Lacking lungs or other specialized respiratory organs, earthworms breathe through their skin.

  • Each earthworm is both male and female, producing both eggs and sperm.

  • Baby worms emerge from the eggs tiny but fully formed

  • Full size for an earthworm varies among species, ranging from less than half an inch long to nearly 10 feet.

  • if you split one in have you now have two of them

  • in Latin Annelids means little ring

  • can be found in salt fresh water as in soil


Shape of Life: Annelids - Leeches