YOUR RELIABLE WEEKLY NEWS Published by:Elizabeth McKenzie

Mexico's Economy written by: Alex Lindur

Three of Mexico's main trading partners are the United States, Canada, and China. One of the people Mexico exports the most to is the United States. To them they export fruit, manufactured goods, etc... They also import the most from the United States. They import machinery, copper and copper products, etc... Their literacy rate is 95.1%. Mexico's most recent GDP (in 2014) was 1294.69 trillion dollars.

Cuba's Government written by: Crystal Blue

Cuba's current leader is Raul Castro. You are probably thinking that you have heard the last name Castro before. You probably have. Raul is Fidel Castro's brother;Raul helped Fidel for most of his life. Once Fidel died Raul became the leader of Cuba. Cuba usually has a five year term. They have a communist government, with it's flaws. There is supposedly a joke that says Cuba's communist government supplies everything except for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. To the people of Cuba this isn't a joke, it is reality. The government gives out little food for a very high price. The government also doesn't give normal cooking or baking ingredients that the people need. Due to this, they turn to the black market for simple things such as milk, eggs, cooking oil etc...
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Venezuela's Independence written by: Miguel Houser

The person responsible for Venezuela's independence and the rest of South America's independence is Simon Bolivar. In 1810 he joined a resistance group and soon quickly became the leader. In April 1810 Bolivar was able to defeat the imperial governor. A year later Venezuela got their independence. After that Simon went to liberate New Granada, and Ecuador. Simon Bolivar died December 17, 1830 from tuberculosis.

The Amazon River Basin written by: Robert San Hunduras

The Amazon River Basin (more commonly known as The Amazon Rain forest,) covers 40% of Brazil. Many animals call this place home; it is home to 117 different species in the trees alone. There are 18,000 different varieties of plants. Eighty percent of all bugs in the world live here too. The Amazon Rain forest also holds 20% of the world fresh water, and produces 20% of the worlds air.

The Pantanal written by: Robert San Hunduras

The Pantanal is the worlds largest swamp land. Located in Brazil it is so big that it also extends into parts of Bolivia and Paraguay. In all it covers 66,100 square miles. The Pantanal actually comes from the Portuguese word patano which mean wetlands, swamp, or bog. It is home to quite a lot of animals for example; 3,500 plant specie, 656 bird species, 325 fish species, etc...

Bahia Beach in Salvador written by: Robert San Hunduras

I wanted to go to this beach because Salvador is surrounded by beaches. This specific beach (Bahia Beach) it is full of fun , music, games, & people. I want to go here so that I can study what type of marine life that lives there. There is also a light house that would be fun to go to.

Kimmie stuck in the Forest

"Give it back" I yelled at my brother as I chased him through the house. For he had stolen my book right when I had gotten to a very crucial piece of evidence. Before I tell you anymore let me introduce myself, my name is Kimmie. I want to be a detective when I grow up. My annoying five year old brother, Jack, says he wants to be my sidekick. I keep telling him superheroes have sidekicks not detectives but, he never listens. I think there is a ghost in our attic. So I went up there to investigate. I didn't find a ghost but, I did find a book written by the person who used to live in our house. She also thought there was a ghost in this house. She was talking about how she sometimes heard creaks in the house and how sometimes the basement door would swing open on its own. She said that she started to plan how she was going to catch the ghost. She laid out traps and brother stole my book. "Give it back!" I yelled getting more and more furious. I chased him and chased him until I realized....I was in the forest. I looked all around, uh oh, now we were stuck in the forest and it was getting dark, besides we weren't aloud to go into the forest at all. Figure out what happens to Kimmie and her brother in the next part in the next edition of The Latin American Timez.