End of Year Technology

Closeout your digital workspaces and gear up for 2021-22!

Achieve Technology Freedom!

As we wrap up each school year, it is important to closeout our digital workspaces to preserve the important work that's been accomplished and set up next year for success. Review each of the following resources to ensure that you will have access to everything you need next Fall!

Canvas Course Checklist

As Canvas Courses conclude on May 28th, courses will turn to a "read-only" state and it will be more difficult to access content and information that you will want. The following document will ensure you are prepared!

Personal Resources

This is a great time to do some Spring Cleaning for your digital files & websites!

Looking Ahead to Next Year!

Good News! We're Getting New Tools!

Through this crazy year, we have learned a ton! We've learned that we can engage students & families outside the classroom, leverage instructional video to improve accessibility, develop digital interactive lessons that improve learning, and through it all, we've learned which digital tools move the needle for our students. Because of this, we have committed to purchasing (or expanding) the following digital tools so we can better meet the needs of our learners:

  • Canvas w/Studio - we have renewed our Canvas contract for 4 more years and added on Canvas Studio. Think Screencast-o-matic and Edpuzzle and Discussions combined!
  • Cidi Labs DesignPLUS - we purchased this Canvas design tool that simplifies the design process, integrates templates, and customizes the look and feel for each school. Keep on the lookout for more info!
  • Nearpod District License - we have expanded our Nearpod license to include all KCS educators. Now you all can leverage this powerful engagement tool!
  • Edpuzzle (6-12) - we expanded our license to include all 6-12 teachers.
  • Padlet - we purchased a Padlet Backpack subscription for each school that offers unlimited Padlets for teachers so you can leverage this powerful collaboration tool!
  • Kami - we purchased Kami for our district to provide opportunities for students to edit, interact, and create using PDF's and more!

Canvas & Aspen - the Image of KCS

During this year, we have learned that our public "image" of KCS is filtered through what parents and students access online. Whether that image is what we want it to be or not, at the end of the day, it is up to us to design it. This is why it is increasingly important that we tend to our "digital classrooms" as purposefully as we do our physical ones.

So, in order to help improve our "image" and simplify our use of these platforms, we want to clarify their role:

  • First, Aspen is our Gradebook and Attendance platform. While teachers do have the ability to grade within Canvas, Aspen is what reports official grades & attendance, and thus we must use this platform to communicate with our students and parents consistently.
  • Second, Canvas is our Learning Management System where students can access resources, assignments, and interact with peers & teachers. As we move forward, Canvas is one of our digital tools to meet students' needs through differentiating, blending, or personalizing instructional practices.

With the above understanding, there are a couple tools you have access to that can simplify your role of maintaining consistency across both platforms:

  1. Cidi Labs DesignPLUS - this design suite works within Canvas to simplify course design and allow teachers to focus on adding content, whether building from scratch or copying from previous courses. Also, by using these design tools, courses will automatically create a consistent look and user experience for our students.
  2. Canvas Grade Passback - this feature option in Canvas allows teachers to sync grades from Canvas to Aspen, streamlining the feedback & reporting process.

How do I get support on the above tools? We're glad you asked! Upon return in the Fall, there will be multiple opportunities for you to be trained on DesignPLUS tools and Grade Passback. However, if you are wanting to dive into training right away, here are some resources:

Summer Learning Opportunities

During the summer is a perfect time to mix in a little Professional Learning while you take advantage of time away! Access vendor trainings & resources from the following menu or register for our Summer Trainings on the Professional Learning Calendar (dates will be added soon!)