Tustumena Elementary Newsletter

August 14, 2020

No protocol too big or too small, we write one for them all...

In the interest of health and safety for all, we have been writing down the way we will be managing student movement and safety. Early next week we will link a document for you to view but right now it is still too cumbersome. From the bus stop and back, we have been designing the safest way to get through the day for our students and staff. Here is a short list of the protocols we have been designing:

  • Bus riding
  • School arrival (Drop off and pick up)
  • Lunch
  • PE
  • Hallway
  • Office and nurse
  • Not to mention safety in the classroom and of course instruction (Both in person and online)

A couple of requirements parents might be most interested in are:

Start time- It has changed to 9:30 for K-6 students.

Pre-K start time is at 9:10. Pre-K parents are the only adults allowed past the office between 8:55 and 9:10.

Drop off at 9:15- Other than Pre-K, no students are allowed in the building prior to 9:15. Students wanting to access the breakfast program will come in the main entrance. Grade 4-6 students not having breakfast will go come in the door by Mr. Mills' room and go directly to their classrooms. Students must wear masks until they are in their classrooms.

Pick up of student- Parents are not allowed in the school for pick up. Pre arranged early-pickup students will be escorted to the main entrance. Regular pick up will be at the same time at 3:35. Staff will be outside to orchestrate the connections. This will be clunky at first but we will all get the hang of it quickly.

At all times, every effort will be made to keep social distance. If it is not feasible, then masks will be required.

Online student schedules and instruction will be "case by case" with the classroom teacher.

That is a lot of information for now. More details will be forthcoming. One thing is certain, we will make changes and adapt as our plans evolve. I am so happy to have the kids back that even as restrictive as this is, it seems like a good start.

Thank you.

Doug Hayman

Less students equals less staffing

Tustumena experienced a reduction in enrollment last year. This triggers a reduction is the staffing formula. Our swing shift custodian was assigned a different school with a full time position and now we have a half time position that needs filled. If you or someone you know would be interested in a half time swing shift custodial position, please direct them to this link.