People shouldn't own guns

By: Jessalyn Rivera

Why People shouldn't own guns

People are harming others that don't deserve it, using in streets when not necessary. Kids aren't able to walk to school without wondering am i gonna be next, parents saying goodbye before their kids go out because they don't know if it will be their last time. People are using guns for no reason thinking they're cool, that its gonna be worth it but its not when your sitting behind bars or going through the pain that you put other family's through.

Deaths due to guns

In 2013 506 people were killed due to gun violence in Chicago. For example Luciano Lito Torres who's case was put as a homicide due to it was a drive by and nobody could see who did it, he was a innocent 28 year old man who was on his way home when reportedly he saw a car speeding down the street not knowing that it would end his life he pulled over to the side to let the passing car go by. He fought for his life at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical center until he couldn't no more he was pronounced dead 6:36 p.m December 21,2013.
“Nobody owns life, but anyone who can pick up a frying pan owns death.”

William S. Burroughs