Yoga Instructor

Kalynn Mullins

Career Details

  • Duties/Responsibilities: Yoga instructors are responsible for the generally safety of the participants, and keep a close eye on students ensure each individual knows the proper techniques to prevent muscle strains or aches.
  • Working location(s): 23,000 yoga studios, community centers, gyms, home, universitys, work place
  • Salary/Wage Potential: $45,000

Education Needed

  • Traditional yoga techniques
  • Teaching methods
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Yoga philosophy and history

Skills Required

There are two levels of Yoga Alliance certificates-

200 Hour and 500 Hour,

referring to the length of the program.

Job Outlook

  • As more and more people become increasingly interested in natural methods for good health, yoga should become much more in demand as an exercise and sport.
  • As more and more people want to tap into the benefits of yoga, this will create an increased demand for yoga instructor jobs.

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