Balanced Redox Signaling Molecules

----- The body’s ability to heal itself-----

What Redox Signaling Molecules can do for your Health

Our body is an astonishing construction as it is created with the ability to heal itself.

From the biological point of view our body is ‘nothing else’ than the agglomeration of round about 100 billion cells. Whatever happens in the body is based on cellular level. So you can imagine that the healing processes happen inside there cells, where the mitochondria produces two different types of reactive molecules: One species is responsible for the functionality of the immune system and the other one for tissue regeneration response. When both types are in an appropriate balance, the immune system performs at its ideal level.

Constantly working to balance cellular health, the body uses reactive molecules to rid itself of harmful components and to clean up oxidative stress (because free radical damage happens at the cellular level).

Now, for the first time, the body doesn’t have to try so hard. Thanks to the fact that scientists have discovered to produce these stabilized reactive molecules outside our body.

Supplementing stabilized reactive molecules means to let your body do what it was meant to do.

Antioxidants – increase by 500%

Antioxidants alone will not work. They have to be activated before they can do their job of scavenging free radicals and fighting inflammation and aging.

How are they activated? You guessed it: through reactive molecules. And since the first and only product of redox signaling molecules contains these antioxidant-activating molecules, it’s a great boost to a healthy lifestyle.

These redox signaling molecules, for the first time produced outside our body, have proven to provide the power of antioxidants. A recent in vitro scientific study, supplying redox signaling molecules, showed an increase in antioxidant effectiveness of Glutathione, SOD, and Catalase more than 500%.

Now, that’s never been seen before.

Elevated Glutathione levels help increase strength and endurance. Those interested in physical fitness can benefit from a definite athletic edge.


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