Mrs. Davis' First Grade News

December 15-December 19

Reading/Language Arts

  • Reading Comprehension- discover new learning while reading nonfiction books
  • Word Patterns- ch, th
  • Word Family: -ick

Fry Sight Words:

come, than, find, long


now, find


The Polar Express/Holiday


Writing a Personal Narrative cont.

Please send to school a picture of your child during a recent vacation or trip to a special place. They will need this to complete their personal narrative writing project. Thank you!


  • Measuring different units and objects cont.
  • Addition/Subtraction Fact Families
  • 3d shapes (cube, rectangular prism, sphere, cylinder)


Patterns in Movement

Observe and record changes in the appearance of objects in the sky.

Social Studies

  • Polar Express geography. Travel around the USA and learn the different state symbols, important monuments, and the rivers, oceans, and lakes in different states.
  • Reminders

    December 18th- Polar Express day. Your child can wear PJ's today!

    December 19th - Class Holiday Party. Early Release at 11:40am

    Please bring a class treat to share with the class. We have 21 students.

    December 22nd- January 4th- Winter Break

    I hope everyone has a relaxing and enjoyable break!


  • istation- Your child can log in and play the fun learning games that are specific towards their area of needed growth. See the log in information that was sent home in report cards.
  • Raz-Kids or Readers
  • Practice basic math addition facts