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Background Info

  • Uzbekistan has a GDP of $5,600
  • Median age of 27
  • Average school life of 10 years
  • Life expectancy of 69 years
  • Average of one child per family
  • 64% rural population
  • Uzbek is 80% of population
  • 88% of the people are Muslims
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The City of Buhkara

The city of Buhkara has been thriving for the past 5,000 years because it was on the ancient Silk Road.

Basic History

  • The city of Bhukara was made along with the city of Samarqand in 1000 B.C.E.
  • The cities became extremely rich, because of the Silk Road
  • Was part of Persian Empire
  • Alexander the Great took it in 400 B.C.E.
  • Turkic tribes that lived there turned to Islam in 800 C.E.
  • Uzbekistan and its neighboring countries were taken rule by Mongols 1300 C.E.
  • They got taken under Tamerlane the Great's rule in the 16th century
  • The Uzbeks took over the land and split into khanates (city states)
  • The khanates were Khiva, Buhkara, and Kokand
  • Was taken by Russia in 1874
  • They became the Uzbek Republic in 1924 but they had limitations
  • In 1925 they became the Independent Uzbekistan Soviet Socialist Republic
  • Gained independence from USSR in 1991

Russia's Rule Over Uzbekistan

In the mid 1800's during the United States Civil war, Russia didn't have cotton from their biggest producer, the U.S. Russia's solution to the problem was to take other countries with space to grow cotton, these countries including Uzbekistan were under rule by Russia and had strict guidelines. During this 75 year long period Uzbekistan became filled with pollutants from their fields. In 1924 they became the Uzbek Republic, but they were still under Russia's limitations. in 1925 they became the Independent Uzbekistan Soviet Republic, where they where still under Russian rule. Finally after the fall of the USSR Uzbekistan gained independence on September 1st, 1991.

Sports and Entertainment

Uzbekistan has many sports, but the most popular is by far soccer, the best league is the Uzbekistan Professional Football League. It was founded in 1992 after Russia lost its rule over Uzbekistan. Handball is a popular sport in Uzbekistan, along with Martial arts including Judo and Belbogli Kurash. What is Judo? Judo is a martial art where you try to grab and pin your opponent. Uzbekistan is the blue in the clip below.
Georgia vs Uzbekistan - Judo World Junior Championship Teams 2014


The Uzbekistan Professional League has over 16 teams, including Pakhator Tashkent, Bunyodkor, and Bukhoro. Like all leagues the Uzbekistan League has one power house, Pakhator Tashkent has won over 11 times, including a tie in the first year 1992 with Neftchi. Tashkent has had many of the leagues best players including Igor Seergeev, and Jamshid Iskanderov. Last years best player was Odil Ahemdov, with over 15 international goals in his career.


The Uzbekistan entertainment industry is much like the U.S. industries, with movies, and many influence on Uzbekistan's music. Some popular names in the music industry are the band Yalla, and the artist Yuldez who wrote the national anthem. The musical talent is strong, and the western music has a strong influence. Uzbekistan has been copying more western music to try getting away from Russian music. The talent is amazing, but the industry is poor, because all of the money comes from live performances, not recordings.


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