SMART Board Add-Ons

Making the most of your SMART Board Software

Notebook 14 "Extras"

With the purchase of our SMART Advantage License, we have several Add-Ons that are available through the SMART Notebook 14 Software. In this session, we will demonstrating each add-on.

Activity Builder

The Activity Builder is not really new. It was introduced with the Notebook 11 that is currently installed on all computers in the districts. This add-on allows you to create simple or not so simple interactive sorting activities. The Activity Builder can be found on the "Add-Ons" Tab (Puzzle Piece Tab). Once selected the 4 steps for creating activities appear in the task pane.

Helpful Tip: Lay out your page complete with "containers" and objects/text to be sorted prior to building the activity in the widget.

How to Build an Activity

  1. Select the object you want to be the activity object, and then click Edit. Diagonal lines appear on the activity object.
  2. In the Objects tab, drag objects to the appropriate areas to accept or reject them.
  3. In the Settings tab, set how objects behave when accepted or rejected.
  4. Click Done

You can now interact with the activity.

SMART Connect

SMART Connect enables you to set up RSS feeds to access

the latest articles and to receive continuously updated headlines from your favorite



Notebook 14 Math functionality powered by GeoGebra

XC Collaboration

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SMART XC (Extreme Collaboration)

SMART Blocks

This feature was just released. It is targeted for elementary math.

Other "Extras" Not on the Add-Ons Tab

SMART Notebook 3D Tools

Searching the SMART Exchange or the Trimble 3D Warehouse, you can now pull in 3-D content into your SMART Notebook files.

SMART Response VE

Seamlessly transition between lesson delivery and assessment. Students can respond to planned and spontaneous questions and quizzes from any Internet-enabled device, anywhere.

New Tools

  1. Cropping Images
  2. Paintbrush Pen
  3. Text/Ink Editing

This just in - SMART Notebook Maestro

Conduct lessons from anywhere in the classroom using your iPad. This add-on will be included with the next SMART update (14.3), but you can download it and use it now.

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