The Free-Soil Party

by:) cheyenne

In 1848 the Wings choose Zachary Taylor, as their presidential candidate.

The Democrats chose Lewis Cass for their candidate but neither candidate took a stand on slavery in the territories so failure to take position which made the Free Soil Movement which is a movement started by the Free Soldiers as a result of the Wilmot Proviso from the 1840s. The Wilmot Proviso emerged as a response to issue of slavery in new territories that America had a result of the Mexican War However the Wilmot Proviso was too controversial and only caused further outrage amongst the both sections. The Free Soldiers had a very simple and quite reasonable idea that seemed to be a feasible compromise for the two conflicting sides. The Free Soldiers did not insist on the termination of the institution of slavery they solicited that the land in the West would be a place of contingency for whites only They did not want to have to contend with slaves or free African Americans.