Nelson Mandela

How did Nelson Mandela change South Africa

How did Nelson Mandela change South Africa?

He helped South Africa gain freedom. He helped Africans gain freedom and made the country better. And became the first African president of South Africa. Who was this person? His name is Nelson Mandela. He helped africans gain freedom by becoming a civil rights leader. He became president in 1999.

Why did Nelson Mandela become a civil rights leader?

He did this not only to free his people, but he also did this because of the violence of the minority government, but also because he felt that the leader was not right and was a megalomaniac.

Who is Nelson Mandela?

Nelson Mandela was born into a middle class family of royalty, that was soon to become a civil rights leader and also a Nobel Peace Prize winner.


In the end, Nelson Mandela was all about his generosity towards his people, and the freedom of his people.

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