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Stumptown kid

Stumptown Kid

Book Summary

Have you ever had a friend that is 2 times older than you? In Carol Gorman and Ron Findley’s Stumptown Kid, Luther helps Charlie develop into a great baseball player and person. This story takes place in Holden, Iowa in the 1950s. A African american adult named Luthor and a 12 year old boy become best friends and they have a great passion for baseball. In this story they work as a team to fight against people who truly dislike them.

Luthor and Charlie are each dealing with irritating people in their lives. Luthor’s life is in risk and Charlies has a problem with his Mom’s relationship. Vern who is Charlie’s Mom’s Boyfriend is a rude and a racist man who hates Luthor and doesn’t care about black people. Vern is trying to teach Charlie a lesson but its not what Charlie wants because it is prejudiced. Meanwhile, Luthor is trying to avoid getting killed by Rukes Brodie, the brother of the drunk batter who was killed by Luthors pitch. This death was not Luthor’s fault because the batter was drunk., but Rukus thinks it was intentional. He was possibly motivated to kill Luthor because of his skin color. These situations are Character vs Character conflicts that you may be able to relate to.

Luthors enemy is in jail and Charlie's Mom's relationship with Vern is over. Charlie warns Luther that Rukus came to their town to kill him. Rukus walked into Luther's hotel and asked the Lady who owned the hotel and rukus asked where Luther went and she told him! Charlie was with Luther at the time and Rukus walked in with a knife and slammed him to the grown while Charlie thought fast and called the police. They arrested Ruckus and Luthor didn't get hurt. The next week Rukus came after them again and guess how he got of jail the idiot Vern bailed him out of jail and no one knew why he did. Once they saw him the hid in a sewer and 1 minute later Rukus showed up they ran to the opposite side of the seer and didn't look back. As they were climbing up the ladder to get out of the sewer Rukus grabbed Charlies leg and Luther pushed his leg of Charlie and they got away and a huge wave of water came because it was raining and Rukus drifted away. He ended up drowning and they found him inn the sewer.

In Stumptown Kid by Carol Gorman, Luther Peale is an African American baseball player that finds himself coaching a baseball team in Iowa. He is on the run ever since he beaned a white player in the negro league. He ended up dying and his brother is off to kill Luther. Luther is the protagonist because he overcomes people who are prejudice and cares about kids and helps them. Luther is wise because he constantly has to adapt to the way people treat him because of his skin. For example when he first moved in to the boarding house there were several men who refused to live with a colored man and he quietly stood by the woman who ran the boarding house and supported her in her decision to let him stay. Another example is when his young friend Charlie is confused about fighting so he gives charlie good advice. On p. 113 “You fought to protect someone teacher who couldn't defend himself. But you avoided a fight when Lobo came after you. It was a good decision.”

One example was that people didn’t trust Luther to coach their children just because he is black. On p. 120 Mrs. Malone says “Johny O’toole won’t be here. His mother and father won’t let him play for with a …”

Another example is when Luther tries to eat a the boarding house and some of the white men living there will not eat or live there with him. On pg 116, the man yelled at the woman who ran the boardinghouse “I ain’t livin’ with a negro. If he’s here, I’m moving out.”

Charlie’s dad died in a war, and Vern, his mom’s boyfriend is a racist who won’t let Charlie see Vern. On page 102, says “I’m not having a boy of mine makin’ friends and spending time with a colored man.”

A fourth example of the racism that Luther faced was when he played in the negro leagues and was not allowed to stay in hotels. Charlie didn’t understand how they didn’t let blacks in hotels with whites, and Luther explained it to him. ON P. 143 “How come? Cause white folks didn’t want us there.”

One last example, Charlie wishes that Luther were white so that his mom would marry him. On p. 149 it says “If Luther was white, it could happen. I could see that they really liked each other. I wondered if it was bad to wish a colored person white. It sure would have made things easier.”

1) The assassination of Martin Luther King

fought for the rights of African Americans. He led the bus boycott and was against the use of violence to get equal rights for African Americans. He was killed on April 4, 1968 while giving a speech.

2) The Beatles had their first album in 1962 with “Love Me Do”. The members of The Beatles were Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and George Harrison. They sold more records than any other pop band. There are only two band members alive today.

3) Jackie Robinson was the first black person to play in the Major League Baseball. He played in the negro league for a while. He started with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947 and played for 10 years. He was born in Georgia but went to college at California University. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1962. He died at an early age, 53 years old.

4) Barack Obama is the first black president ever. He is from Illinois and his term began in 2009. He was born on August 4th, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

5) John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 after serving only 3 years as president. He was the youngest president elected and was the 35th president.

6) September 11, 2001 New York World Trade Center Towers were attacked by terrorists. About 3000 people died on that day. They hijacked planes and crashed them into the two towers and the Pentagon in DC. The terrorist leader was Osama Bin Laden.


1961 Barack Obama born

1962 Jackie Robinson into Hall of Fame

1962 Beatles release of first album

1963 JFK assassination

1968 Martin Luther King assassinated

2001 Terrorist attack on US