Persevering through Adversities

The Road to Perseverance By: Caroline Cottrill

My Definition of Perserverance

" Age wrinkles the body.

Quitting wrinkles the soul". Said Douglas MacArthur that was his response to persevering to never give up here is my definition of perseverance.

It's when someone who has ambition is working to achieve a specific goal but there are some bumps along the way but you have to press-on around those bumps so you can get to that goal that you had set for yourself.

Eleanor Roosevelt ( Description)


Eleanor Roosevelt was told that she was ugly or not good enough when she was very young by her mother but even though her mother had said these mean things to Eleanor she was able to triumph and become the presidents wife and did many other extraordinary things in life but this description diagram shows you some of the things that Eleanor had to persevere through when she was very young.
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Jackie Robinson ( Sequence )

Jackie Robinson was born on January 31,1919. His life was not as easy as others because of the racial barriers that were going on at that point in time. Even though Jackie Robinson broke color barrier in 1947, the percentage of African American baseball players today is still low at around 8%. This shows that his life as an African American never got easier even though the color barrier was broken there were still hateful comments said about him from others. Even as he was part of the team, he was still banned from some restaurants, and hotels. Even though he was faced with many advertises he still stayed with the team and turned the other cheek to the hateful comments that were said about him. This shows that over all the mean comments that were said about Jackie he just let them roll off his back and that may just have made him the greatest baseball legend of them all.

Losing to Win ( Problem & Solution )

Loseing to win

This story that we learned about in class that was about a bunch of girls that lived on the bad side of town and were suffering from either mental issues or problems at home that were affecting how they were acting. So there was this school that they were sent to if they had gotten kicked out of their old school or they could be court ordered to go there. Here is just a few things that these girls have had to deal with in there daily life's
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Fever 1793 ( Cause & Effect)

This book is about how this girl named Matilda and her family struggles to survive the big epidemic of 1793 the Yellow Fever!

In the year 1793 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the epidemic of the Yellow Fever broke out among the people. When the people herd that the yellow fever was back from 30 years ago people started to panic. Some people fled the city and others shut and locked there doors in hopes that they would not catch the yellow fever. This shows how people had to persevere through losing loved one's to getting ill themselves. But people were able to persevere through the Yellow Fever but over all the death tool was 5,000 people dead these times were very remorse.

Winston Churchill ( Compare & Contrast )

Winston Churchill Compared and Contrasted to the story A Carp Gives A Lesson

Winston Churchill persevered by leading a whole country to victory in World War II. And in the story A Carp gives a Lesson the Carp also persevered through his combativeness to get the rice cake. In the Winston Churchill biography that we read in class was about how Winston Churchill came fourth and saved Britain from total destruction. And the Carp gives a Lesson that we also read in class was about how this guy was trying to get into a painting class and failed so he was walking home and. He saw this carp trying to get a rice cake that was stuck in the ice. So overall Winston Churchill and the Carp both persevered differently but they both made differences in peoples life's.