Augusto Pinochet

A Ruthless Leader of Chile

How has Pinochet's suppression of the Chilean people impacted Chilean lifestyle?

  • Born: November 25, 1915, Valparaiso, Chile
  • Goes to military school for many years, later he's appointed as Sub director of the War Academy
  • Appointed as division General and General Chief of Staff of the army
  • August 23, 1973: President Allende appoints Pinochet as Commander-in-chief
  • September 11, 1973: Pinochet, assisted by the C.I.A. overthrow Allende. Pinochet becomes head of the Junta's governing council
  • Pinochet wants to dispose of any liberal opposition, known as Operation Condor
  • created the secret police which caused many kidnappings, assassinations, and other dissapearences
  • 130,000 jailed, 3,000 disappear
  • Opposition groups form in protest of Pinochet's leadership
  • Government responds with force suppressing the protesters
  • Pinochet loses the 1988 election but remains commander-in-chief
  • He steps down from his position but under the constitution he holds a seat in senate for life
War on Democracy - US backed 1973 coup in Chile


This video show the torture and lack of respect Pinochet had for the people that opposed his ideology. The people in these camps were constantly tortured and lived in inhumane living conditions. This shows how cruel and evil Pinochet was in path to redeeming Chile. These many crimes Pinochet brought on the Chileans are far beyond unforgivable and no human should suffer the way these people had. The fact that many people were fleeing the country and many more too afraid to act shows that Pinochet was a leader that was not backed by his nation. The Chilean's were not supporters of his wrath and the lasting impact he will have on these peoples lives for many years to come.

A letter from a prisoner

Dear Enrique,

Have you arrived yet in America, if so how is it. Here in Chile not much has changed in the prison. My back from sleeping on he bare floor is one of the least of my problems. Everyday more and more people arrive here only taking away from our daily rations. The torture has not gotten any less brutal. One of my friends attempted to escape yesterday, he was caught and shot immediately In return all of us were tortured more severely as a threat to keep anyone else from trying to escape. I heard a rumor of an assassination plot on Pinochet, this is my last hope to get out of this hell. I hope all is going well in America and don't worry for me, I'll be fine.

Your cousin,


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