This Year's New Experience


My new LIfe

This year has been pretty wild. I made a lot of new friends. I experienced new things.I had a lot of fun. I volunteered, i read to kids. I had a few major events that changed my life for the best. I moved from a bad living situation and moved to a better place. This place made it easier and my life 10 times better. I have a stable home and since then. My work has improved over the year.

Things that could've gone better

My attitude and my motivation could have been a lot better. If my motivation was better. I could have gotten a lot better grades. My grades would've have been great if i just put effort into it. My attitude would've have helped me through tough situations and gotten me into some great things.

Success I've had

I did a lot better this year for my classes.Last year i did extremely poor . This years improvement gets me caught up and means Ill be able to graduate on time. I volunteered a lot of places and I'm really proud of that because i helped a lot of people.

Activities i did

I went to Adventure land this year. For 3 days and it was really fun. I enjoyed the rides and the swimming. I love swimming. So that made it great. I also went paint balling and that was just fun and was great to do. It was fun doing it with my LRP group and it doing it in the mud made it all better.

My Summer Plans

I plan on getting a summer job and taking summer school I hope this is the only time i have to take summer school. I'm happy that after summer school. Ill be 2 credits behind. Almost on track to graduate. And I plan on doing fun things on the Fourth of July.