Ms. Love's First Grade News

Comanche Springs Elementary School

Reading/Language Arts

  • Comprehension- Questioning while we read and then reading to find the answers to our questions.
  • Guided reading
  • Making inferences and predictions
  • Word family: -ub and -ed
  • FRY words: may, day, way, oil
  • Spelling: call, about


Writing a Personal Narrative.

If you have not done so then please send to school a picture of your child during a recent vacation or trip to a special place. They will need this to complete their personal narrative writing project. We are starting these tomorrow! Thank you


  • Addition and Subtraction Story Problems
  • Addition/Subtraction Fact families
  • counting forwards and backwards from any number up to 50


Patterns in movement

The student will be able to describe how an object moves.

Key words: straight line, zig zag, backwards, forwards, movement, direction, up, and down

Social Studies

  • Local, State, and National traditions and customs
  • Thanksgiving then vs. now

Additional Reminders and Dates to Remember

  • Remember your child can bring a snack everyday. We also are accepting snacks to share for the class if you would like to donate.
  • Collect your boxtops to help save money for our school
  • Make sure your child is reading every night. Raz-kids and iStation is a great website to utilize and the kids love it.
  • Holiday Break: Nov. 24th-28th
  • December 6th Breakfast with Santa
  • December 8th School Holiday Store

If you have not done so please send your child's field trip permission slip and money as soon as possible.


  • istation- Your child can log in and play the fun learning games that are specific towards their area of needed growth. See the log in information that was sent home.
  • Raz-Kids or Readers in book bags. Raz-kids login is llove8
  • Practice basic math addition facts