Elizabeth I of England

by Mike Delmore

How Mary became queen

Elizabeth I of England was born on September 7, 1533 in Greenwich, England. She was the most successful ruler on the throne. She had no children and was known as the "Virgin Queen" because she didn't marry anybody. She was the daughter of Henry VIII of England and Catherine of Aragon . Elizabeth was the last Tudor monarch of her time. Henry VIII died in 1547, which made Edward VI, son of Henry, king at a young age. Edward VI died in 1533, which led to Mary Tudor to be queen. She married Phillip of Spain, but Parliament blocked his accession to the English throne. Mary's sympathies of Catholicism made English turn into protestants and wanted to overthrow the government. Mary was the arrested because the English thought that Elizabeth could take over as a Protestant queen.

Spanish Armada

King Phillip II of Spain was furious when Parliament blocked his accession of the English Throne. English Protestants overthrew the government when Mary of England married Phillip, who was Catholic. King Phillip called for 130 ships manned by 30,000 men to sail up the English Channel. King Phillip handpicked men of England to be on the ships. From the beginning, the Spanish plans went wrong. Sir Francis Drake launched a preemptive strike against Cadiz that "singed the beard" of Phillip and delayed embarkation another year. July of 1588, the Spanish Armada set sail for England. Sir Francis Drake repeatedly spread caution, and warned danger of Alessandro Farnese. 1588 was destined to be England's finest hour. There was a nine day running battle between the armada and 130 English vessels. An advantage that the English had was that they were smaller, quicker, had long ranged fire, and were more maneuverable than the bulky Spanish ships. Medini-Sidonia committed his first and last mistake. He allowed a squadron of Englishmen to get on a Spanish Vessel. Fires ranged, the Spaniard panicked, then chaos broke on the ship as single ships broke their cables and ran for open water. Smaller Englishmen attacked stragglers. More than eleven hundred Spanish Corpse were found on the beach. Half the Armada was lost. The war ended towards Elizabeth's death.

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Parliament and establishing the English Church

Queen Elizabeth was in a Parliament government. A Parliament government is ran by a king or a queen with a house of Lords and commons. The main goals of Elizabeth in her time running were to win the Spanish Armada, establish a uniform order church in England, and have a successful parliament and military. Sir Nicholas Bacon had the idea a uniform order religion. Most of the people in England were Protestant, however the Lords and bishops of England were Catholic. Lords and bishops trenchantly opposed bills intended to establish the Church of England. After long arguments, the Act of Supremacy and Act of uniformity were put into place. Together, the compromise was the Elizabethan Settlement of religion.